co Peet’s Coffee® House Blend Decaf K-Cup® 120 Ct. –

Peet’s Coffee® House Blend Decaf K-Cup® 120 Ct.

We’ve spent five years perfecting Peet’s Single Cup, to meet our exacting standards and more importantly the standards of our customers. We started with the same premium Peet’s coffee you love; use a better coffee, get a better cup. We chose to use more coffee than most, but hardly indiscriminately. We’ve designed a specific dose (to the tenth of a gram) for each specific blend and a grind parameter that we measure to the micron. We also deployed a mesh-like filter that allows more oils and flavors to pass into the cup. All these tiny details make a gigantic difference, especially in a method that must extract in under a minute.

It's the same House Blend Decaf you love, roasted by the same roasters, and treated with the same craft and care as the rest of our coffees.
Bright and balanced
100% Arabica Beans, artisan roasted in small batches
The same coffee that goes into our bags goes into our cups. A richer cup that delivers Peet’s distinctive taste profile
Produced 100% at Peet’s Coffee® roasting plant in Alameda, CA