co Specialized in Large Corporate & Institutional Clients –

ACIMA Wellness2U is a California Leader in Vending

ACIMA Wellness2U, purveyors of quality foods & beverages for vending machines, healthy lifestyle and well-being.  

We specialize in large corporate accounts and institutions.

As the niche market leader in vending, we're constantly innovating and raising our standards, always applying new ideas and concepts. Our goal is to make our client's vending experience an even greater one.

ACIMA Wellness2U  ( we say "asima") is a Full Service Vending Machine Operator, offering  the snack and beverage brands you know and love, with a concern for health and wellness.

In addition to a wide selection of common snacks all full line vending operators offer. ACIMA Wellness2U combines the experience in vending machine operations with in-depth knowledge of healthy, natural, organic plant-based, fitPick, beverage and snack products.

Our company works closely  with the client’s goals - providing much more than just vending machine hardware. A balanced mix of products is carefully selected to meet client’s objectives, and our buyers stay consistent in this search for tasty healthy snacks.

ACIMA's  California roots stand for service excellence, high quality product offering innovative concepts for out-of-home snack foods and beverage services. 

We keeps our patrons interested, and the variety fresh! We are diligent in improving the selections, image, and removing the tired stigma of vending machines.

We are committed to being considerate of the mission values, and principles of each organization we partner with. Our organization also focus in the compliance of our own Code of Conduct. Men and women Drivers are on the field daily, stocking our machines with your favorite snacks!


Clients include, institutions, business organizations, hospitals, medical facilities universities, and schools.