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Kick Start Wellness! ACIMA Wellness2U combines the experience in vending machine services with in-depth knowledge of natural, organic, plant-based beverage and snack products -  Never forgetting Flavor!


Providers of Vending Machine Services

Builders of Micro-Markets

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Balanced, Tasty Good-for-you

Modern, reliable vending machines

Hospital Grade Service

Cold drinks and tasty products

Vending Services and Micro-Markets for Healthcare, Educational, Government, and Corporate clients. Offering a wide range of products, our aim is to provide you with reliable vending services and equipment. See bellow some of the fine machines in our fleet.

Vending Machine Equipment is provided free of charge to qualified businesses and organizations.

Our Vending product line up also include regular snacks and beverages you know well. Choose common snacks plus a balanced healthy mix including natural, organic snack & beverages; 

Vending program for those seeking a change in lifestyle, and contribute to overall wellness.

More importantly, what makes us stand out from the rest is a customer driven approach. We work directly with you to create a specific vending selection for your organization.

Such well crafted vending mix will allow the not-so-healthy-conscious patrons to try new things! Great taste with less artificial ingredients.


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Take advantage of case price discounts.

Enjoy it at home of business functions.

We want to be part of your new healthy lifestyle! 

A representative will come to you and discuss the vending machines which will suit your needs.