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Everlast Hydrate

Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is crafted with coconut water, second only to water as the
purest liquid on earth, and infused with 99.9% pure sea salt. Most coconut water
beverages are low in sodium and rich in potassium, but fail as effective sports drinks as
athletes need to replace sodium lost from sweat. Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is unique in
the functional beverage category, boasting 125mg each of potassium and sodium per
serving and providing 4x more potassium than the average sports drink with no artificial
ingredients or preservatives. The powerful combination provides a naturally-sourced and
effective alternative to traditional sports drinks made with artificial ingredients, and
appeals to consumers looking for the benefits of coconut water with a more appealing
taste. Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is available in four 20 and 32oz thirst-quenching varieties,
including; Island Punch, Lemon Lime Ice, Artic Crush and Orange Rush.