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Join our Affiliate program.

Dear vending operator. Join the wellness2U health forefront. Our existing clients have campuses, and additional branch locations throughout the country. Such organizations currently subscribe to our modality of services. wellness2U works side-by-side with organizations towards ultimate goal of improving the health and lifestyle of their work force - at all their facilities. 

Once you become a wellness2U affiliate. We will  share our client leads and resources with your organization. From training your management team, buyers, to providing the most lucrative product mix our clients seek. Most importantly the wellness2U business model brand of services.

Join wellness2U as an affiliate and begin to provide vending and micro-markets to this fast emerging and fast growing modality.

With our service, reputation and experience. We will bring additional business to your portfolio, at a fraction of the cost.

We cannot grow alone. Our network is growing along with the new clients inquiries, and demand nationwide. Hospital groups on contract have locations all over the country. From  Los Angeles, Bay Area California to Orlando, Delaware and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Some locations could be near you. Join wellness2U as a service provider.

Since 2009, we provide Micro-Market and vending services to large organizations. Our buyers have an in-depth knowledge of healthy snacks, and what works.   Clients include Universities, technology campuses, medical facilities, hospitals, and schools. 

We receive inquiries from all types of business. With you, we will carefully select, filter the most progressive and lucrative organizations to work with in your area.

Your experience and structured operation is key meeting our client's high standards and mission objectives. A reason why they come to us. We need your vending operator's experience to represent  the wellness2U healthy modality to client organizations near you. We will train and bring you up to speed on this very rewarding healthy foods modality. 

Once you become a vending Micro-Market affiliate partner, not only will we provide sales leads. A welless2U staff will provide Help-Line services and refunds. Our goals is to maintain the highest customer service our clients are accustomed to.  We will aid your organization in providing the specific product mix and criteria our client organizations seek. 

Our telemetry and inventory tracking relies on the nation's best end-to-end cloud technology available. 

Ask us about the requirements to quality and become one of our parenting sub-contractor's affiliate.

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