co Micro Markets Health & Wellness – wellness2U Food Services

Micro Markets also promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of nutritious and healthy foods for our customers. Avanti Markets also gives employees the ability to look at nutritional content before they make a purchase. This allows them to choose what products are right for them.


  • Fresh crisp salads and fruit
  • Low-calorie, Low-fat main meals. ex: Healthy Choice
  • Nutritious Deli sandwiches and Subs
  • Healthy Soups
  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals
  • Healthy snacks
  • Energy Bars
  • Delicious frozen treats
  • Premium beverages, including sparkling mineral water and juices

In addition to our healthy meals and snacks we offer medicine, sundry items and even take home products like Milk and Bread!