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Grab-n-Go Meals

Packaged Ready-to-Eat Foods for the Workplace  

Vending Machines & Retail Markets -  Become a customer:  (909) 654-6161  -  


wellness2U provides your organization ready-to-eat fresh foods. These are available on vending machines or our Retail Markets. Call us and become a customer.  

Sandwiches, wraps, salads, plant-based or prepared with meat according to the number of employees and needs of your organization.  

We provide the refrigerated vending machines and Retail Markets.

Locations we serve


University Campuses

Hospital Cafeterias & Medical Facilities

Food Vending Machines

Unmanned Retail Markets


If you seek to increase productivity by providing in-house food solutions -  this is a service for you.

Always eat quality, fresh foods at work, and at home. 

Active stocking services, to provide the most fresh foods posible. wellness2U works with the best produce sources, and gourmet suppliers in the Inland Empire to create tasty Grab-n-Go meals to the workplace. Goumet Natural grab-n-go program, prepared by local Chefs. 

Triangular Sandwiches: Low cost triangular sandwiches are also available, and a great alternative.

Ask us about our Fresh Food Program for Vending Machines and Retail Markets.       


Pasta Salads


Snack Packs