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"Wellness2U is in tune with patron's modern eating habits, and what vending machine users want today.

  • Innovative modalities in vending

  • Modern beverage & snack machines

  • Huge variety of snacks

  • Focus on taste

  • Natural, organic

  • Dependable service

Our Company is the ideal size required for us to pay attention to the smallest details.

In vending, LOCAL is good!  Local translates into fast service response.

Our drives are always in the area to ensure our machines are always working for you. 

Technical professional know-how to deliver your organization the most tailored service.

An always changing product mix is the result of our Focus on TASTE concept.

Sit back and enjoy our services!"

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Plus more!

We tailor our vending services to your organization goals

Plant-based Snack - Fresh Gourmet Grab-n-go foods - Coffee

We provide all brands, machines, transport, installation and service.

Equipment provided at NO cost to qualifying clients; What decides? Facility size, and number of patron employees.


From common snacks you know and love, to our best selection of healthy, natural, organic snacks, beverages. Plus fresh and frozen foods too.      

wellness2U Vending Company serves all California. With clients in the

Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, North San Diego,  Glendale, Bay Area

Plus, Tucson, AZ, Dallas, TX,  Orlando, FL. 

State-of-the-art vending equipment. 

Credit card/cashless payment terminals.

wellness2U, serves hospitals & medical facilities, universities, distribution warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, government, and business organizations. 

Convenience goes further!  Our Refund Dispatch Center provides refunds without hassle.

Snack, beverages, coffee and food Vending Machines:

Healthy: juices, sugar-free, alkaline water, athletic beverages, low calorie. Carbonated & non-carbonated soda, and all energy beverages. All Snack brands plus Natural, NON-GMO

Fresh Grab-N-Go quick bites

We build Retail Markets

Technology: Machines and products are tracked remotely.

Product and data tracking via our proprietary cloud network.

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