Cholesterol-free. NO MSG. NO preservatives. NO hydrogenated oil. No, we're not talking about the latest health food craze... We're talking about "Dirty" Potato Chips! Our potato chips are delicious but without all the "usual" ingredients that make most chips a favorite - but not-so-healthy snack. Plus our chips are Kosher certified, contain no wheat gluten, and are kettle cooked in a peanut oil blend for that deep, delicious potato chip taste.

"Dirty" Potato Chips was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987, supplying potato chips to the tri-state area of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Today, our delicious potato chips are sold in the lower 48 states, Hawaii, Canada and the Caribbean, and can be found at the finest delis, grocers and restaurants for customers who demand nothing less than a great-tasting, high-quality kettle-cooked potato chip. We're also seen at major colleges and universities, the top 100 major US airports, and have been a top rated potato chip in major food magazines. Customers everywhere have discovered that "Dirty" is simply better.

"Dirty" Potato Chips' original flavors were Sea Salted, Mesquite Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeño Heat, and Unsalted. Our originals are still in big demand, but to further please the palates of our customers, we have expanded our offerings to include Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt, Smokey Chipotle, Funky Fusion, and Pesto & Parmesan. And yes... great tasting, delivering that delicate taste and crispy crunch in every bag.

We've been asked why are they called "Dirty". The name "Dirty" comes from the process we used to prepare our chips. The potato slices are not washed, leaving more of the potato flavor....and they are crafted one batch at a time– it's a difference our customers say they can taste in every bite. When it has to be the best, it has to be "Dirty" Potato Chips.