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 Snack Expos,  is a way to not only promote new products to patrons but educate without making the event feel like a class room.      

Snack Expos are a health education modality but with a fun and tasty feel which seeks to attract even reluctant people to make considered choices - but not at the expense of favor. We focus on Flavor

Our direct and symbiotic relationship with manufactures is what allows us to do wonderful things.We are happy to play a key role in food services with a dynamic and enthusiastic team.


Timeline of past events 

October 25th, 2019

Loma Linda University & wellness2U Vending

Lifestyle Health Fair Snack Expo


We salute all the vendors. Without your participation, this huge success would not have been possible!






































October 26th, 2018 

LLU Loma Linda University  Wellness Health Fair

Another huge success. We were honored with the opportunity to participate in one more Health Fair at LLU, Drayson Center.  Under Dr DosSantos, Drayson Wellness Clinic, ACIMA provided guests and patrons tasty samples of natural, non-gmo, vegan chips and treats. ACIMA Staff shared valuable information with attendees. 

(Special thanks to Don Sease, Richard Wysong, Dr DosSantos, and An, Kush at TURVEDA and ACIMA Team)


August 1st, 2018

HEALTH FAIR at MOUNTAIN WEST FINANCIAL, Corporate Offices, Redlands, California.

Huge success! Congratulations Mountain West financial administrators, and all participants in annual Health Fair event.  It is nice to see more organizations taking a healthy stance  - and taking action. 

Acima Wellness2U current vending provider, shared many of the products with staff, the tasty samplings of the low calories, low sodium natural chips alternatives provided in our vending machines. 

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August 2017

Acima Wellness2U provided a private mini " Snack Expo & Tasting" during lunch at  LLU-FPBO; A fun modality of services, and available to key corporate clients.  "We enjoy the participation, feedback and interaction with the staff, and hope you did too! Acima Wellness2U is your friend!"


Acima Wellness2U was an active participant at the

2017 Inland Association for Community Care Trade Show!

IACC, April 2017

Acima Wellness2U, and "Friends Good Faith Medical Transport" were happy to participate


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Snack Expo, at LLU Convention Center, February 25th, 2015

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Acima Wellness2U SNACK EXPO at LLU,  Feb 25th, 2015




 Acima Wellness2U conducts a focus group with participation of staff and administrative heads.


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