co Our History: –

Over 100 years of heritage in food services. It all began in Europe, then during war period migrating to Brazil - Today in North America.

Les Brands Group

For over 10 years the brands that make up the Les Brands group have represented the best in vending, food services, office coffee, and e-commerce.

2009      |  ACIMA Vending Co. Vending Operators, humble beginnings in the Inland Empire. 

2013      | Roots in healthy good-for-you vending modality

2014      | Les Brands, Inc. Acima Wellness2U Fairs, expos, staple of service &                       quality products

2015     | Food services and Business Delivery; Brand Alkaline Water distribution

2016     | Mail order healthy products, business delivery

2017     | Enlarge vehicle fleet, additional remote locations.

2018     | Extra extracurricular activities. Volunteer community initiatives. Feed                       surplus foods to low income residents, food pantries, surplus.                                 Additional senior management, and automation.

2019     | Wellness2U new look, additional symbiotic partnerships