co Vending Machine Wellness –

ACIMA wellness2U offers a wide selection if healthy, yummy natural plant-based snacks for vending machines, and wholesale.

Our vending services are very unique. Not only we provide professionally trained drivers to deliver dependable and consistent vending services. We work directly with you to create a specific vending selection you desire. 

We have products for those seeking a change in lifestyle and contribute to overall wellness. From alkaline waters to nutritious snacks.

Quick snack alternatives throughout your busy day.

From a balanced mix, including natural, organic, to more common brands you know. Such a mix will allow the not-so-healthy-conscious patrons to see and try new things. Items that are tasty but with less artificial ingredients.

You decide,  the common items only, or premium selection of natural, organic snack and beverages, to FitPick, school required standards.

Natural, organic, free from artificial ingredients, aimed at making you feel nourished without the excessive calories and chemicals found in common snacks. 

Select any snacks and beverages categories we offer.See it on left side menu handles.

Enjoy the snack selections in our vending machines! Also order bulk at case price discounts, and enjoy at home of business functions.

We want to be part of your new healthy lifestyle.

Do you need healthy vending machines for your school or business? Let us know!

Call now (909) 654-6161, a representative you come to you. Write us at