Integrity is fundamental to the success of Acima wellness2U. Integrity means doing what is right. It ensures the credibility and reputation of wellness2U as a group. All of us, be they an employee or a member of a supervisory body of a wellness2U company, must maintain the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, competitors, governments and communities. This means that we must comply with the following principles of conduct not only to the letter, but also to the spirit:
1. Always respect the rights and dignity of our colleagues and everyone else we deal with on behalf of wellness2U and always treat them fairly and consistently
2. Always look after our own health and safety as well as the health and safety of our colleagues and never use or encourage the use of illicit drugs or alcohol at work
3. Always comply with applicable laws and regulations and with all of wellness2U's internal rules
4. Never permit our personal interests to conflict with the best interests of wellness2U
5. Never accept or offer irregular benefits
6. Always maintain high standards of financial integrity, always keep confidential information safe and always safeguard the assets with which we are entrusted
7. Always actively help wellness2U in achieving compliance with these principles of conduct

8. Respect, observe and follow the laws of county, state and God.

This Code of Conduct defines the basic principles to help us meet the high standards of integrity we set ourselves and it reminds us of our legal and regulatory responsibilities. It cannot cover every business situation.                                                                                  
Therefore, where the law or this Code of Conduct appear incomplete or unclear, it is our responsibility to always act professionally, responsibly and with good judgement; and if needed, to seek appropriate advice. Violations against this Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary sanctions or civil/criminal procedures.