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Fresh Roasted Coffee Indian Monsoon Malabar Water Decaf Coffee Pods (18)

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This Indian Monsoon Malabar Water Decaf coffee is the darkest single-origin decaf offering available, with heavy chocolate and earthen flavors. The exotic aroma and dense body make for a heavy cup of coffee which is 99.9% free of caffeine and chemicals. 
  • Cupping Notes: chocolate, earthy, exotic
  • Roast Body: Bold
  • Roast Level: Dark
  • Certifications: Royal Select Water Process
  • Caffeine Level: Decaf
  • Single Origin: Mysore, India

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  • Origin: Mysore, India
  • Altitude: 914 - 1,828 meters ASL
  • Varietal: Kents, Cauwery
  • Process: Monsoon Process
  • Drying: Sun dried
  • Harvest: November - February 
  • Export: October - February    

This water process decaf is 99.9% free of caffeine and uses no chemicals to remove it from the green coffee. Water plays a large role in general for Indian Malabar coffee. Before decaffeination, the beans are exposed to monsoon like conditions to mimic ancient conditions that made the coffee mild and low in acidity. 

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