co Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence Compact –

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence Compact

  • Very easy to clean and refill
  • ECO standby mode and “Protect”
  • Adjustable coffee strength and cup size
  • Wide range of aromatic coffees
  • Elegantly designed, compact machine offering numerous possibilities within a small space


Cafitesse Excellence Compact is a small-but-mighty machine which offers an outstanding combination of variety and flexibility.

Cafitesse Excellence Compact is smartly designed to deliver a wide choice of coffee blends and drink variations. With each cup easily prepared to any desired combination of blend, strength and milk content. From a strong espresso to an indulgent cappuccino, milky latte macchiato, tasty Wiener Melange or sweet chocolate, Cafitesse Excellence Compact means you can maintain impressively high standards that please everybody’s preference.

Cafitesse Excellence Compact meets your needs through a choice of functionality that expands its standard coffee and milk options. A separate 3L water tank allows you to place the machine anywhere you have space. The range of instantly available drinks can be extended by adding canisters of cocoa, sugar and other ingredients. If required, a payment module can also be incorporated.