co Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 700 –

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 700

  • All hot drinks
  • Plenty of choice
  • Sleek design
  • Three versions
  • Easy to use

All hot drinks
The Cafitesse 700 has something to offer every coffee lover. A real café crème, a robust espresso or a creamy Viennese melange  – you can taste our passion for coffee quality in every variant. The Cafitesse 700 is great for tea lovers as well: the machine can supply hot water and hot tea.

Plenty of choice

The Cafitesse 700 has space for three of our famous blends, composed with the greatest care by our master blenders. Or would you prefer a hot chocolate or real milk? No problem. With its wide range of choices, the Cafitesse 700 is ideal for every workplace.

Sleek design

The Cafitesse 700 is a perfect combination of sleek design and good taste. But since tastes differ, Douwe Egberts gives you the choice of three versions: Luxury, Community and Passion. Select the look and feel that fits your organization best.

Always freshly made

The smart design of the Cafitesse 700 ensures that you get a fresh cup of coffee in no time. Thanks to the closed system, the full flavour and the delicious aromas are carefully protected. This guarantees you perfect coffee, cup after cup.