co Hint Blood Orange Water - 12/16oz –

Hint Blood Orange Water - 12/16oz

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"I've never fallen in love with water in my life, but hint has changed that." - hint fan Maria V
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Pack Size: 12/16 OZ
Product Code: 4
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Master Case UPC: N/A

      • pure water, with a sophisticated twist of blood orange
      • zero diet sweeteners
      • zero calories
      • zero preservatives
      • vegan, gluten-free, kosher
      • all natural made from non-GMO plants
      • one case of twelve 16oz. bottles
      • Note: citrus contains a naturally foaming agent. If a few foamy bubbles appear when your blood orange hint is shaken, it's all natural!
*Ingress alert: Please note that due to the small size of the caps, Ingress game codes are not included on fizz caps.