co FoamAroma® Coffee Lid - White ITEM # FMA-L1M1-PW –

FoamAroma® Coffee Lid - White ITEM # FMA-L1M1-PW

For the best foamy espresso based drink experience you must be able to smell the aroma and feel the foam.For coffee and tea inhaling the aroma is an important part of delivering the full profile flavor. Being able to suck air and slurp as you drink allows the consumer to control the liquid temperature and to coat their palate with flavor droplets like drinking from an open cup. FoamAroma®…The Lid, allows your customers to connect with your coffee and tea for that satisfying experience your customers come back for. SAVOR THE FOAM - INHALE THE AROMA - ENJOY YOUR COFFEE EXPERIENCE.
sold sets of (50) or sets of (1000)