co Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 50 –

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 50

  • Compact design
  • Versatile
  • Solid
  • Fast
  • Easy maintenance
  • Best taste


A compact machine that can go anywhere

The Cafitesse 50 is a handy, versatile coffee machine that can go anywhere there’s a power supply. It has its own water reservoir so doesn’t need to be connected to a tap. Ideal for small businesses, company departments, waiting rooms and reception areas, its flexibility also makes it suitable for use in temporary set-ups such as exhibition stands.

Reliable and fast

Looking for a fast, easy way to enjoy fresh coffee whenever you want it? The Cafitesse 50 guarantees consistently high quality coffee, time after time. The Cafitesse 50 is made of high quality components, is simple to operate and complies with every HACCP system.

Easy maintenance

Refilling and cleaning the Cafitesse 50 is very simple. The machine indicates when more coffee or water is needed. Because no coffee residue is left behind, cleaning is really easy. The Cafitesse 50’s low maintenance requirements save you time and money.

The tastiest coffee

Cafitesse coffee is produced by Douwe Egberts using only the best beans. These undergo a unique brewing process to create a powerful liquid roast that optimally retains flavour, fragrance and freshness. The result is 100% pure coffee that invariably comes out top in taste tests.