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Biliner Premium Mineral water 12/16.9 OZ

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Our mineral waters comes from the heart of the old continent, the Czech Republic. Already in 1664 (the year when New York City was founded) the Royal House of Lobkowicz in the Kingdom of Bohemia enjoyed this unique natural heritage, situated on their estates. This rare natural resources has finally become available in the USA. Enjoy it!
From the North Bohemian region (Czech Republic), extremely rich in valuable minerals (which are found along the extensive geological break) comes this highly valued, naturally carbonated alkaline mineral water BILINER as well as the renowned and, for many centuries, a proven natural aid to digestion, SEDLITZ WATER.

Thanks to the exceptional qualities of these mineral waters the town of Bilina has become known as the “Vichy of Bohemia”. In the 18th century, under the leadership of the House of Lobkowicz there were bottling factory and later health spas established for the European aristocracy known by the name of BILINER SAUERBRUNN. The first records of scientific description of the medicinal and restorative properties of this local water treatment were made by noted and renowned balneologists of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Franz Ambrosius Reuss, August Emanuel von Reuss and Josef von Löschner.

BILINER waters is used as the main drinking water treatment course at the spa Teplice.

This healthy functional mineral water is now available in the United States, distributed by the BILINER USA to exclusive and discerning retail stores for sale to those customers who want the very best. Proven by Centuries.