co Phillips Saeco Diamante Hot Coffee & Decaf, Tea –

Phillips Saeco Diamante Hot Coffee & Decaf, Tea

Phillips Saeco Diamante

Elegant and modern, Diamante is an extremely innovative
vending machine that dispenses both hot and cold (in cans or
bottles) beverages as well as snacks.
Available in the Espresso and Instant versions.
• Independent water tank kit
• Timekeeper kit
• Mixer kit for tea spiral replacement with decaffeinated/barley
• Hot water solenoid valve kit (Espresso version)
• Kit for water softener cartridge
• Sugar coil kit
• Pre-perforated modules kit for the main payment systems
• Power supply kit for additional payment systems
• Validator kit
• Photocell kit
• Handling kit
• Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
• Eva-Dts kit
Main features
• Automatically dispenses both cups (up to 320), sugar, stirrers,
and cooled bottles and cans as well as snacks
• Saeco Brewing Unit with new pre-heating system Saeco
Power Boost (Espresso version): top quality espresso, easy
cleaning and maintenance
• Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB,
BDV and Executive (possible Master and Slave configurations)
payment systems
• Customisable settings
• Personalisation of the spiral and tray configuration