co Coupon Vouchers (100) pack – wellness2U Food Services

Coupon Vouchers (100) pack

 Sold in sets of 100

(100)  $1.00 Coupon Vouchers

If you are a student, use these coupon vouchers (1) time  to make a purchase on our vending machines near you. (your Student Union office may offer special discounts on coupon packs or a PROMO CODE on check out).

If you are a client company, these coupon can be used over and over during your subsidy program.


$104 for (100) Coupon vouchers paid online with Credit Card


$100 for (100) coupon vouchers paid by company check

We may deliver it to you in Campus or mail to. You choose.

Mail it to: 

Acima Wellness2U :

700 E Redlands Blvs 292, Redlands CA 92373


This cost cover the initial cost of (100) printed coupon. That is, client facility pays for printing cost of each $1 coupon voucher paper desired, prior to initiating subsidy services.

This  coupon voucher purchase in this phase, is related to the printing reusable vouchers ; Necessary for the subsidy to work, and NOT a credit of $100 towards purchase of products on machine.

Then, when service is initiated

Client will be billed for the number of coupons redeemed and collected from machines. 

Coupons are reusable:

At each stoking visit, Stocker/driver log number of coupons found in machine; will return the coupons to facility manager each time machine is stocked services.

Facility will be billed Monthly for the items consumed, calculation based on number of $1 vouchers collected from machine.