co Coupon Vouchers (100) pack –

Coupon Vouchers (100) pack

 Sold in sets of 100

(100)  $1.00 Coupon Vouchers


(100) FREE VEND Vouchers

If you are a client company, these coupon can be used over and over during your subsidy program. Vouchers are returned to your office to be reused. 

Monthly reports are e-mailed, describing all use and sales.

If you are a student, use these coupon vouchers ($1) can be used  to make a one time purchase on our vending machines near you. (your Student Union office may offer special discounts on coupon packs or a PROMO CODE on check out).

$1 vouchers are also returned and reusable.

Vouchers can be programed to work  on specific machines, or as instructed by client.


$150 for (100) Coupon vouchers paid online with Credit Card


$150 for (100) coupon vouchers paid by company check

We may deliver it to you in Campus or mail to. You choose.

Pay here with CC, or


Mail payment to: 

Wellness2U :

700 E Redlands Blvd 292, Redlands CA 92373

This is not the cost for the meal. This cost cover the initial cost of (100) printed coupon. That is, client facility pays for printing cost of each $1 coupon voucher paper desired, prior to initiating subsidy services.

This  coupon voucher purchase in this phase, is related to the printing reusable vouchers ; Necessary for the subsidy to work.

Then, when service is initiated, the paper vouchers are reusable, and returned to you at each stocking visit. 

Client will be billed monthly  for the number of  $1 coupons redeemed and collected from machines. 

Coupons are reusable:

At each stoking visit, Stocker/driver log number of coupons found in machine; will return the coupons to facility manager each time machine is stocked services.

Facility will be billed Monthly for the items consumed, calculation based on number of $1 vouchers collected from machine.