co Subsidy –

Sharing the cost of vended products, is an innovative way for clients to reward employees. Specially in such a tight employment market we experience in California. Employers choose to pay for the cost partially,  or completely free.

Subsidy in Vending is best explained as a benefit to employees, paid and sponsored by the employer proprietor. When a company or institution wished to offer the snacks at reduced cost to patrons or staff. Products are retailed at a lower amount. Each month, such company is billed for the difference. That is, the net balance of the amounts collected sold at lower cost, and normal retail  MSRP of the item.


What are the types of subsidy offered?

There are 2 subsidy scenarios:

1)A company may select to pay part of the retail cost and;

2) A company with fewer employees than our required minimum, which normally would not qualify for free vending machines now has an option; By agreeing to a flat fee weekly, is now able to receive our machines and vending service.

This modality is a better option to renting the equipment: We also reduce this flat fee by crediting the client back for all sales during the same week. Hence lowering the flat base charge, or the billable "subsidy" amount owed. 

As an example: If the minimum sales required is $350/week, and the machines sold $250 during the same week, we will bill you $100 (we apply all sales towards our required minimum).

Can we opt to co-pay, or subsidize only a portion,( or percentage) of the retail cost?
Yes, clients may select to offer from a partial subsidy, or 100% paid, its optional to each organization.

If we opt to subsidize a portion of the retail price, does the retail price base remain the same?
Yes, we apply the same retail prices used for normal vending. The same retail prices in the billing calculation. We simply deduct any amounts already collected at the time of sale and bill you for the difference.                                  

Can Voucher Coupons be used as a subsidy?

Yes, the employer may select to purchase Voucher Coupons to reward employees for their outstanding performance. Its just another way to reward staff.

Plus, if there is a birthday coming up, a fellow co-worker can gift another some Voucher Coupons!

Can we cancel the subsidy program and continue with normal service?                   

Yes, you can cancel  it at any time. Just let us know 30 days in advance, and we will resume to normal service at the end of a cycle. Beginning on the 1st day of the following month, all products will be re-priced at regular retail. 

What is the procedure to stop, or cancel the subsidy?   To cancel the subsidy simply e-mail us at Please remember, you will still receive one final invoice for the last month of subsidy.

How do we verify the accuracy of the billing invoices?
All sales transactions are accurately captured and documented via our cloud network - Each and every sale. We provide auditable reports to demonstrate the sales.

Do you deduct the portion paid at time of purchase?
Yes, we subtract the amounts collected at the time of sale, and bill the client only the unpaid portion.

Is subsidy a solution for companies with less than 80 employees?                        

Yes, provided they agree to our basic terms for service. Any company can qualify for our services and free vending machines when they agree to subsidize the pre-set minimums.

As an example: If the minimum sales required is $350/week, and the machines sold $250 during the same week, we will bill you $100 (we apply all sales towards our required minimum).