co Our Mission –

Our Mission, and Promise:

We believe you deserve better, and here's our promise

First and foremost, we hope to glorify our heavenly Father in all  that we do, in business, as well as day-to-day successes and challenges. "Positive things happen to positive people". We rely on God's positive influence guiding us to make the right decisions for you and our organizations. This mindset , moral compass, and business skills,  translates in a desire to serve our clients the best we can.  We provide our clients with quality healthy vending products that taste good, and will make you feel good.

Second, we will be your partner on the road to wellness. "Change stars from within" someone said. Vending Machines which enables you to make better choices. To offer quality snacks. You will enjoy these natural healthier brands.

With years of service and combined experience in the vending industry. The vending team members at ACIMA Wellness2U have earned a reputation for exceptional reliability and professionalism, and will continue to so 'till the end of time. 

At ACIMA we are committed to being considerate of the mission values, and principles of each organization we partner with. 

There are basic values that go a long way such as sustaining business relationships with unique services tailored to each client. 

We are committed to sustainability, the environment, to seek and support business relationships with industry partners who share the same view.

We are diligent in improving the service, selections, image, and removing the tired stigma of vending machines.

We will keep ours patrons interested, and the variety fresh!

"We are proud of our company spirit. At ACIMA, every member of the team is committed to providing the finest of service". Our Founder

It should also be stated that ACIMA will seek to build and develop relationships with local food suppliers and manufacturers to benefit you. As such we are assured of freshness and a standard of quality that we can vet.

We will respond fast. ACIMA is a local company that is able to provide fast response times for service and support. With warehousing and offices and drivers in Redlands, we are able to be most focused and nimble.