co How It Works –


Coffee Service Available for any size client

Program flexibility allows you to control what products can be ordered, how much can be ordered and spending limits can be set

Set your weekly or monthly Coffee & k-Cup Purchases

Online Cart allows for custom product ordering menus are designed for each corporate client

Uniform pricing and procedures designed for consistency

Prevents overstocks and unauthorized expenditures

Reduces shrinkage

Equipment & Maintenance Provided at No additional Cost

Equipment maintained and serviced at no cost during service agreement

Customized Reporting and Payment

Tracking and monthly reporting of all product sales and usage activity by location

Consolidated billings reduce multiple invoice processing and payment

On-line Ordering

You create an account online, maintains order history for ease of use

Emailed confirmations sent to verify each order

Direct Door Delivery

Orders are delivered locally or shipped directly to each location within 48 hours

No minimum orders

Customer Service Solutions

Single point of contact convenience to all locations

All repairs and replacements at no cost

Ability to report all service concerns 24/7 via Help phone Line, Text or email.

Data Management

All information is confidential, backed up, and secured with the highest level of data encryption