co Jacinto Farms Harvest Calendar –


For all of us who are local, and like local grown produce. Be in the know! We welcome delivery inquiries




This is a general list of our harvest schedule and available dates are subject to change. Please call to ensure availability of our locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Apples Nov - Dec   Lemons, Limes All Myers, Mexican
Artichokes Feb - Aug Imperial Star Lettuce Nov - April Red, Green Leaf, Romaine
Avocados All Bacon, Hass, Fuertes, Lamb, Zutano Nectarine May - Sept  
Beets May - Nov   Onions Feb - Aug Maui, Matahari
Bell Peppers June - Oct Green, Golden, Red Oranges All Navel, Valencia, Cara Cara, Late Navel,
Broccoli Dec - April       Blood, Mandarin, Tangelo
Cantaloupe June - Oct   Peaches May - Sept  
Carrots All   Persimmon Nov - Dec  
Cauliflower Dec - April San Jose Plum May - Sept  
Cherries May - Sept   Pomegranate Nov - Feb  
Chile Peppers June - Oct Anaheim, Jalapeno, Serrano, Ancho Potatoes Dec - Feb  
Corn July - Sept Sweet Potatoes June - Sept  
Cucumber May - Sept Pickling, Slicing, Armenian Pumpkins Oct - Dec  
Eggplant June - Oct Black Beauty Spinach Dec - May  
Garlic Feb - Aug   Squash May - Sept Zucchini, Crookneck, Scallopini
Grapefruit All Oroblanco, Red Squash Oct - Mar Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn
Green Beans May - Nov   Strawberries Jan - July Albion
Green Onions All   Swiss Chard May - Nov  
Honey Dew June - Oct   Tomatoes June - Oct Roma, Cherry, Heirloom, Misc
Hot House Tomatoes Nov - June   Watermelon June - Sept Seedless, Pollinator
Leeks Oct - July