co Consulting Services –

Acima Wellness2U  team of experts offers Business Management consulting through a team of executives who are experienced to guide your complex organization during your transition to Healthy Vending machines transition.

Because your organization is complex and unique, you cannot simply do what others are doing, or embrace a "Healthy Franchise" hoping for a solution.

Our executives are typically available within a few days to work side by side with you and your management team to solve and prevent many issues and problems. Our consulting services will ensure a smooth transition from the conventional "junk food" vending selection offered by unqualified operators, to a new wholesome, comprehensive and healthier vending program.

Our goal is to avoid critical problems and pit falls during this transition. To provide the right approach to introduce these changes in a way to be well accepted and bring positive results. Selection, common wrong assumptions to avoid, don't do what others are doing,create your own program, and how to broadcast and promote,  - are only a few of the topics.

We provide practical Focus Groups Events is a popular modality in the process of introducing changes.

Your organization is large and complex, where sudden changes can adversely affect the daily morale and disturb the staff routines. 

People are passionate about food, their snacks in the work place, and so should you. 

Your organization can make a change impact the lives of your staff, patrons and guests. The economic impact is clear. Continuous  Health &wellness changes will improve productivity in the work place.

We are experienced vending operators, with know-how and creative concepts going far beyond where tired vending machines operators left behind. Our staff looked outside the box and have  learned critical issues other operator's commonly overlook. Unintended mistakes in large organizations makes for implementing a campus-wide healthy vending program a challenge. We will guide you step by step, and help avoid costly mistakes and preserve your organization's positive mission objectives

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