co Ruger –


Ruger. the brand, started in 1987 with a simple objective to make premium quality products affordable. You see in 1987, gourmet products were only sold in gourmet stores and always priced out-of-reach of most customers.  Americans were just starting to travel more and becoming more interested in gourmet products especially from Europe.  Having lived in Europe and growing up on Austrian Wafers, we saw that wafers sold in stores in the USA lacked taste and always seemed to be soggy or left a bad after taste.  We were told by our clients that wafers were sold as inexpensive "belly fillers". The definition of belly fillers is a product that may not satisfy your taste buds but will fill you up inexpensively.  We knew we had a great opportunity if we could get introduce the American market to premium Austrian Wafers. 

All wafers at the time were also sold in clear cello packages.  Sunlight and moisture penetrated the packaging and resulted in a very short shelf-life. Buying wafers at the time was hit or miss. We knew that to build a strong brand we needed to differentiate ourselves from the other wafers. The first and foremost way to differentiate RUGER was to make Ruger taste so good that it would be love at first bite.  It was. Every customer we showed Ruger finished the entire package before we can ask them what they thought. 

Then came the difficult part. How do we differentiate RUGER from the competition at retail and make sure consumers could see that RUGER was different and worth trying. We knew that other wafers lacked shelf-life. The way to make RUGER stand out was to introduce Americans to the first wafers sold in FOIL FRESH packaging.  At first, it was a challenge. Customers would tell us that the consumer would want to see the product. We knew that if we made the package stand out, the consumers would try RUGER.  We packaged RUGER in gold foil fresh packaging so that it would stand out. And RUGER did. From day one 25 years ago RUGER started selling and consumers quickly loved RUGER.