co Harmless Harvest 100% Organic coconut Water - 12/8.75 oz –

Harmless Harvest 100% Organic coconut Water - 12/8.75 oz


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As the creators of the first ready-to-drink raw coconut water, we developed the supply chain from the ground up, establishing the best practices, food safety, quality protocols, and pioneering processes to deliver the highest quality coconut water to you.

The flavor, aroma, and nutrition found in the liquid inside young green coconuts, known as coconut water, is contained within volatile compounds. As in all raw ingredients, these delicate compounds are significantly altered when heated. With heat pasteurized coconut waters lining the shelves, we reinvented the supply chain to maintain the integrity from freshly cracked nut to freshly cracked bottle. We source unique 100% organic coconuts with a distinctly sweet and nutty flavor, and grown using traditional organic farming methods. We protect that flavor through a cutting-edge, proprietary manufacturing systems including straight coconut-to-bottle bottling and high pressure processing. The best ingredients should be enjoyed just as nature grew them.


Like all produce, coconuts are not created equal. Ingredients are a product of their environment; the soil, weather and surrounding flora and fauna all contribute to flavor. Our unique coconuts are grown in organic agroforestry in Thailand. At peak flavor, young green coconuts are picked by hand and lowered to the ground by rope to prevent damage. The coconuts are collected, often via boats traveling canals that edge the palms.

While the process sounds picturesque, the reality is very hard work. Focusing on long-term development in Thailand, we are committed to building relationships with the Thai agroforestry communities. We provide stable, fair wages for farmers and help them obtain USDA organic certifications pending extensive audits. This is acting as incentive for other farmers to convert from chemical pesticides and fertilizers to clean, traditional farming methods. With our growth, harvesting coconuts helps safeguard the environment at the source from harmful pollutants. Production does not need to be destructive.

Read more about USDA certified Organic.


Made on site. Made right.

The supply chain does not end with the sourcing. We have built our own state of the art manufacturing facility in the heart of the traditional coconut farming region.

Employing individuals from surrounding villages, we oversee the quality while improving traceability and supporting the local community. The coconut water is bottled shortly after the organic coconuts are harvested, and immediately after they are cracked. Using proprietary systems without mixing or homogenizing, each bottle reflects the unique flavor of individual coconuts.


If our coconut water did not go bad, there would be nothing good in it to begin with.

Our coconut water remains cold at all times, from cracking the coconuts to stores shelves. For this, we pioneered the use of High Pressure Processing to allow our coconut water to have a longer refrigerated shelf life while maintaining the aroma, flavor, and nutrients of the raw ingredients. Because we do not add any preservatives or heat our products, ambient temperatures will cause spoilage, as they would with milk or any freshly squeezed juice. If you experience a spoiled bottle, please contact us so that we can follow up on the situation.

If our coconut water did not go bad, there would be nothing good in it to begin with.