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Coffee Service Agreement:


This Coffee Service Agreement ("Agreement") effective as of this day of __________, 20___, is entered into by and between dba ACIMA WELLNESS2U COFFEE SERVICES ("Provider") AND ("Client") located at _____________________________________________________________________. This agreement shall run for a period of______ _____ years and will automatically renew for successive terms of equal length unless written notice is received by either party at least 60-days prior to end of term.


Coffee Equipment will be installed under the following guidelines:

1. Provider ACIMA shall retain the ownership of all Coffee K-KUPS Equipment/COFFEE Vending Machines supplied and shall provide all necessary maintenance, replacements and sanitation, licenses, for such Equipment.

2. Provider warrants any machine supplied by them for a period of 12 months and shall provide all necessary parts and maintenance for such Coffee Equipment & Coffee Vending Machines during that period.

3. Coffee Equipment/Coffee Vending Machines repair or replacement service will be provided upon proper notice by Client to Provider at no cost and will be completed within normal industry timeframes.

Provider is not responsible for any burn damage caused by temperature of the coffee, damages due to negligence or vandalism. Desired max point temperature must be provided by Client in writing if above the temperature stipulated by Health Department

4. K CUP COFFEE EQUIPMENT will be provided free of charge. In exchange, Client will be obligated to purchase of 2 cases of K-Cups, Capsules, and/or coffee per month; Cost per K-Cup selections, paper cups, sugar, sweeteners, stir sticks, individual oe case price are available on website for re order, and subject to change.

5. COFFEE VENDING MACHINES will be provided free of charge. In exchange, Client will be committed and obligated to a $200/week purchase consumption. Realising this is a symbiotic relationship and both Client and Provider seek sustainability. ACIMA Will apply the credit of every sale. Weekly sale of hot beverages sold. Sales will be credited to the initial amount of $200/week, and the Client will be responsible remainder portion in monthly billable invoice. 

Should volume fall below the minimum, Provider reserves the right to discuss alternative requirements 

K CUP COFFEE PRODUCTS Provider offers a catalogue of nationally branded coffee at Provider and Client will agree on the specific brands to be supplied to Client, available on Providers website STOCKING/PRODUCT DELIVERY: All coffee products and related supplies sold for the Coffee Equipment (the "Products") will be ordered and delivered exclusively via Online ordering at or delivered by driver. Related supplies include tea, cocoa, creamers, sweeteners, cups, lids, and stirrers.

COST ADJUSTMENT We reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly. Coffee as a commodity is subject to price swings due to various factors out of Providers control. In the event that costs of goods or operational costs increase, Provider will provide a minimum of 30 days notice.

TERMINATION Except as otherwise provided herein, this Agreement may be terminated by either party hereto upon breach of this Agreement by the other party; provided, however, that (i) the non-breaching party gives the breaching party written notice of such breach, and (ii) the breaching party is allowed a fifteen (15) day cure period within which to cure such breach. If the breach is not cured within such period, this agreement may be terminated immediately. In the event of termination, the Client agrees to make all Coffee Equipment available at a reasonable time for immediate pick up by Provider, and Provider shall have thirty (30) days within which to pick up such Coffee Equipment Provider reserves the right to discontinue service to any location due to the unavailability of product, vandalism, low volume, or for any other reason. Client shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement if such failure results from any act of God, terrorism, riot, war, civil unrest, flood, earthquake, mechanical, electronic or communications failure or other causes beyond Agent’s reasonable control. This Agreement is governed by California law and venue for any action shall be state or federal court in San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California


1. Coffee Vending Machine base rate invoices and/or Coffee K-Cup and supply invoices will be collected, consolidated and billed to Client by:

Acima wellless2U

700 E Redlands Blvd 292,

Redlands CA 92373

Invoiced are Billable monthly. Invoices will include details, amounts due ( and credits applied) of 4 visits a week or more.

2. Payment Terms: Net 15. The invoice amount is due in full 15 days from the date of the invoice. Credit card options available.

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Carlos C Reis


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Client Representative Date:

The signatures are authorized representatives of the location in question and grant permission to Acima wellness2U Coffee Service to execute this agreement. Scanned, e-mailed, Facsimile-signed copy shall be considered to be original document; this Agreement may be executed in counterparts.